Did not graduate , Opt Approved and I20 Expired


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Hi , 


I need suggestions on the safest option I have, If i have any...


I was supposed to graduate in Summer II of 2014.I'm left out with only one elective to graduate.My OPT got approved  as I  applied for it as per my anticipated gradation date. I was later contacted by my Academic adviser and was asked to drop the class for Summer II as my last sem cannot be an online and i did the same. Now, my OPT is active from Aug 18th 2014, I20 expired on 9th Aug 2014 and i'm to graduate in DEC 2014. 



 What are my options 


 a) Can I keep my OPT OR Do I need to cancel it ? 


 b) What should i do first, Apply for reinstatement or Cancel my OPT?


 c)  If i cancel my OPT, can I reapply after I graduate ?


  d) Should I apply for another Masters get stamped and get back into the States? Can I apply for OPT in my second masters if i cancel it now ?


Also feel free to suggest anything to help me get out of this situation. 


Many Thanks 





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Bro, first go to your DSO and apply for the re-instatement it worked in my case and try to get 3 gpa by the time u graduate.It shud be 5.5 month below u shud apply the re instatement if crosses that date u cant stay legally any more.Consult the DSO and try to get a letter from her/him  explaining your situation on a school letter pad and get new I20 if u get readmission otherwise get the new school I20 travel out and come back.It will work for you be proactive and consult the immigration lawyer if you have any questions email me @ sandy.porsh@gmail.com


good luck

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