Is my H1B still valid?


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Hi all,


I am currently holding L1 visa. I applied H1B. I got my H1B petition approved and I still haven't got my visa stamp. I was originally planning to get my visa stamp in late September. But recently my PERM application got approved also. I heard that EAD/AP is a better option and it can act as a subsitute as a working visa. My question is if I don't get my visa stamp, is my H1B petition still valid till 3 years later? The reason why I asked is because my company recently had a major layoff, I am not sure if I would be the next or not. So I will need to do H1B visa transfer in case they lay me off. Is my H1B visa still valid even I don't get my visa stamp and other company can still do H1B visa transfer?


Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for your reply itsmeusa.


>you must join your H1b employer in 30 days

I am already working with the same employer. They offer me L1 visa first, then after 2 years I asked them to change to H1B. And now my PERM approved and I am trying to apply to I-140 and AOS at the same time. So it is still ok if I don't get my H1B visa stamp? Because I am assuming I may get EAD/AP in 90 days. And having a H1B is a backup in case they lay me off in less than 180 days. In that case I assume I could still do H1B transfer to a new employer (even I still haven't got my H1B visa stamp). Am I understanding correct?

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