H1 Stamping in Mumbai- When is the photograph needed, while filling DS160 or later?


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Hi All,

Its my first H1 stamping and I am currently in the US.


Can anyone tell me when is the photograph needed for people going for stamping in Mumbai? Do I need a digital photo while filling out the DS-160 form or do I need it only during doc verification and visa Interview? (Basically, do I need it for scheduling an appointment or not?)

I have found out from friends who went  to Chennai, that the digital photo was not needed at the time of filling DS-160, but I want  to confirm if it is the same for people going to Mumbai.


Secondly, what address am I required to provide in DS 160, my current address in the US or  my parents' India Address?


Lastly, my fiance is also in the US, she is going to India before me and will get her stamping before the our wedding. I am going to India later and I will be going for stamping after the wedding. Do I put the marital status of Married or Single? 

Is it ok to tell the VO that I came down for my wedding? Will it just make things more complicated and will they ask me my wife's documents etc? (she would have left back for  US by then).


Thanks for all your feedback.




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1. Have your digital photo with you. If required upload during filling DS160. Mostly they take a digital photo of you during biometrics

2. Provide anything. It is not an issue. If asked for permanent address then provide the one in India.

3.Your marital status can be married as you are going after your wedding. No issue at all in telling VO about your wife, if asked and her status wont affect anything.

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