Changing Job immediately after getting Green Card.


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Can we change the jobs immediately after we get a green card?


Or it is not recommended to change jobs immediately after we get GC?


I was googling around changing employer after getting a GC (Green Card), and I found that it’s not recommended to change the jobs after you get a GC





I googled it “changing employer immediately after Green Card” 


Gurus - Please help me decide on this one, I am confused. Thanks.

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I would suggest to work at least one year with your employer once you get your green card. This is the primary relationship between Employer and employee. If you don't then you may get into trouble when you apply for your US Citizenship after 5 years.


If I  were you I will not risk changing employer sooner than one year.

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Although there is no set limit for you to be with your sponsoring employer it is expected you work for the employer for an indefinite time, it does not mean forever the motive is that you intent to work for the sponsoring employer.


So wokring for only 3 months upon the GC receipt would be cutting it too close, may be wait another 3-4 months and then switch jobs as though no written rule but working over 6 months post GC is supposed to be enough time to prove the intent to work part and save you from issues at the time of your citizenship.

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