H1B Denied - Case Reopened


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Hi, I was on OPT EAD, and applied for H1 this year, I got a RFE, I submitted my documents to attorney and he told he posted the documents. My H1 got denied saying the RFE documents are not received in time.

As per my attorney tracking number , USCIS did receive the documents 3 days before the end date.

Now I am not sure if the tracking number that my attorney gave me is the correct one? I doubt my attorney messed up posting the documents.

My attorney told he is going to reopen the case and updated me that he submitted form G28 and the case is being revised by supervisor.

My case status still shows as denied online.

I also applied for my opt extension, which is still under review.

My question is how do I track my case? Do I have to sign the g28 form? What kind of information I can ask my attorney about the case to know that the case I'd reopened.

How long does these cases take to get an answer?

Please help me.any inputs are appreciated.



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