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I had sent it to LA, I live in FL.


You have to send $34.10 fee (for each applicant) by money order to Utah address with your name, appln number, pspt number, unique client id etc..  I had to pay $68.20 for me & spouse.

Take a photocopy of the money order and send it along with your passport and letter you received asking for pspt to LA address.


So basically:


Original money order to Utah address

Original Passport + Copy of money order + letter asking for pspt + consent form to LA address.


I sent normal USPS first class mail to Utah, USPS priority mail flat rat for sending & receiving passport.


Canada consulate in NY has STOPPED processing visitor application!


Canada website is very confusing about submission of pspt, hence I emailed VAC in LA, and got this reply:



In order to submit your passport for an application submitted online, you must first receive a letter through “MyCIC account” requesting you to submit your passport. Once you receive this request please submit the following documents:

-  VAC Consent Form    
-  Original valid passport
-  Original letter received through your “MyCIC account” that instructs you to submit your passport.
-  Prepaid return airway bill from your company of preference in order to send you your documents once your application is finalized. If you decide to pick up your documents directly at the VAC, as a mandatory requirement when picking up your completed application you must present a valid government issued photo ID along with 1 photocopy of it; in which case you can decide NOT to submit this prepaid return airway bill. Note that we are unable to give out your documents to any unauthorized third party.  
-  VAC Fee for Online passport submissions, payment in the amount of 34.10 USD. The VAC fee can be paid by bank draft, cashier's cheque, certified cheque, or money order directed to CSC Consular Services Inc. Please submit a photocopy of this payment submitting your passport. The original cheque(s) must be sent to the following lockbox with your name written on the back with a pencil:   

CSC Consular Services Inc
P.O. Box 410039
Salt Lake City, Utah 84141-0039
NOTE: Please complete ALL fields when sending your money order to avoid delays in your application process. (Pay in the order of, purchaser's signature,etc.)  

The other documentation needs to be sent or delivered in person to our office: 
Visa Application Centre
2100 E. Grand Avenue
El Segundo, CA, 90245

The Visa Application Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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