H1B Visa Stamping - I140 Approved but not joined the company.


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I worked for Employer A in US from Aug'2005 to Aug'2011 (6 years)who hadn't filed labour or immigration petition for me.

An another prospective employer filed labour and i-140 also got approved in Feb'2011. Due to personal reason I had to go to India. I  informed this employer B and left. I never worked for employer B. I am continue working with Employer A in India.

After 3 years of stay in India, I got new H1 petition from Employer A again and going for stamping soon.
(My H1B Petition is not based i140 approval)

In DS-160 , there is a question
HAS anyone ever filed an immigration petition on your behalf with USCIS?

I have answered "YES" and provided the approval date and i140 receipt number detail of Employer B.
I don't have a copy of my previous labour or I140 approval.


Will this situation create any problem for my stamping? Please advise. Appreciate your time and help.

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