URGENT: CAP GAP Terminated with H1-B Approved.


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I am in a really bad situation. Need your help.

My Opt Ext ended July 2014. I got H1 B approved and is about to start on Oct 1 2014.

I got laid off on Aug  2014. I am on CAP GAP.Previous employe gave 3 week notice period it is to come to end until Sept 9 2014.

I spoke to some of my friends and some consultancies and lawyers immediately and they said I can be in US and look for a job until 1 month after Sept 9th. i.e. Oct 9th

I have to apply for h1 transfer if I find an employer and it will taken care.


But I spoke to a lawyer today and he said I have to go to India after 9th or join a course in a university. I am really panicked. What is my situation after Sept 9th? Can I be in US? Can I look for a job?

Please help. It is very urgent.

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