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Hello Friends. 


     I am going Mumbai for Visa stamping in Last week of Sept & regarding the same i wanted to ask you couple of questions as follow 



1) i am with my employer since Feb 2012 till date however at end of July 2013 employer revoked my petition as my return date from India was not fixed due to some family reason . but just after week all issues were resolved & i joined my Client & employer again in Mid August. 


         So if VO asked me about my employer what  should i say ?should i say that i am with same employer from 2012 or only from 2013 ? 


2) Also in 2013 employer filed h1b for me & it was approved without I 94. so i went to Canada & reenter wit new I 94. so is it possible tat VO can ask me why you were out of status for about 10 days even if i am going with new Petition.? 




Your response is highly appreciated. 


Thank You

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