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Hi Guys,


I have studied my MS in USA. I'm working on H1B since Oct 2013. 

In early 2013, I was on bench for 5 months and no payroll was generated. [i was on OPT at that time.]


I'm planning to get my Visa Stamped in November 2014. If visa officer asks me about my W2's I'll have to submit my W2's for Year 2013. Now will he point out and ask me why my W2's were so low and all. Will this be an issue in the first place.


Any Help/Suggestion from you folks will be appreciated.


Thank You!!! 

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   i guess it all depends on the offer letter that you have from your employer during OPT period. If it says you were supposed to make xyz amount for your employment. Then you should and there is a very good chance VO might point it out. If your employment is unpaid then iam not sure how it is  going to pan out. Mind you OPT employment can be unpaid too to my knowledge.

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