Planning to schedule visa appointment & PP renewal


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If you submitted your DS-160 you need to file a new DS-160 with the new passport number if you want to do it before interview.

You need a valid passport to land in any country, I assume your exisitng passport will be valid when you land in Jamaica.

You need to keep both with you during interview and give them the new one if you keep the DS-160 with the existing passport number.

My 2 cents are get your passport first and file a new DS-160 and then schedule interview. Filing a new DS-160 does not cost you anything.

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You did not read my post properly. I mentioned you need to file a new DS-160. Once it is submitted you cannot make any change in the existing one. I hope you saved a DAT file copy of your existing DS-160 and upload all the information from that file for new DS-160 and make changes before submitting. You can also re-schedule appointment. The Fee is valid for one year.

The minimum requirement is passport valid for 6 months as mentioned above. My recommendation is have a valid passport more than the validity of your H1B.

I also know a case few years back where passport was valid for few months and H1 validity was around couple of years and the consulate stamped the visa till the validaity of the passport.

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