Waiting for PR card. Traveling - Return status on AP or AOS approval?


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We are still waiting for a permanent residence card for my wife. She has got the approval notice through mail as well email. However the physical card is not received yet. My kids and I got our card last week.

We have AP papers for her.

Wife will be traveling with the kids (I am not traveling) to India soon and if we don't get the card for her before she leaves:

1. Could this be an issue in future?

2. While returning - can she come back on AOS approval notice or still AP?

Anyone with similar situation / experience please share your thoughts / opinion.

Thanks in advance!

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If a person has received the I-485 approval notice but the physical Permanent Resident card has not been delivered in the mail yet, and that person has urgent travel plans, then the person should schedule an InfoPass appointment to go to the local USCIS field office to get a I-551 stamp in his/her passport as temporary evidence of lawful permanent residence status.

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