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I came to the US in 2010 Jan on H1B (have been on multiple vacations to India,which  totals to 9 months) and have not started the GC processing with my current employer. My husband is also on H1B and his I140 has been approved. 


I am pregnant, and do not want to work during my pregnancy. I do plan on going back to work after the pregnancy. I have only 1 year 3 months left on my H1B + 9 months of time outside US due to the vacations to India. 


Is it better to quit my current job now, transfer to H4 visa and go back to work after the pregnancy?  Will this save me approx. 2 years of time on my H1B, and give me enough time to join a new employer, maybe wait 3 months before they start GC processing and 6-8 months for the labor process to complete? i.e. 365 days before my H1B expires.


I am afraid that if I continue to work for the current employer, my time on H1B will run out and I I will not have enough time to file for GC when I join a different employer after the pregnancy.


Please advice.






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