Successful Visa Stamping @Vancouver on Sep 2, 2014


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Hi Friends, 


Good luck to all who are planning for visa stamping. I had a fairly simple interview today. I will give a gist of things I did from start to end.


I attended the interview for H1B and my wife for H4. I had my son along with me who did not need an interview.


First of, as I've read this forum many a times and people have said; be there only 15 minutes ahead of your appointment - That's true! (I was there 1 hour ahead - 


which you won't need to. But everyone wants to be cautious so did I! 30 mts is fine). You can kill time at the Star Bucks near the US Consulate next to Telus Phone 


store. For people having early appointments and waiting (between 7 am - 8am) there is no restroom. So if anyone needs to use one, there is Marriott opposite to 


Starbucks and that building has a public restroom. It made things easier for me having a 1 year old. In my case: I had an appointment after long weekend so people said 


it will be terrible traffic in morning hours and I did notice a bit. I used the taxi to go to the consulate and not my rental car. If people want to use rental car you 


sure can use your rental car and park opposite to the consulate for 15.XX dollars(CAD). I spent around 50$ for 22 kms or so each way. Total(100$ CAD).


I was let in by security @7:40 AM for my 8 AM interview.


1st step: Security check - Asked for DS 160 & Passport. They did not ask my confirmation paper but word of mouth was sufficient. Please carry it though. 


2nd step: I had a smart watch which is not allowed so they collected that with a ID proof(Driving License or Insurance card) and noted down my cell# (US number that I 


had) and gave a key to it. when you're done with interview you can come back to the same place and collect your items.


3rd step: Security check and they let you in. They will check your DS160 and passport and carry old passports if any with old visas. They also asked what year of H1B 


are you in. I told that this is my third renewal.


4th step: They issued a token number after checking passport and DS160 (If your photo is not acceptable there a small photo booth in and its all automatic. The charge 


is 10$ (CAD only accepted) so you can get your re-done. I saw couple people had to get it done if the photo is not clear). You now wait for your number to be called 


and then get your fingerprints done here. I got mine done first and then my wife got hers done. (First left 4 fingers leaving your thumb, second - right 4 finger 


leaving your thumb and finally 2 thumbs!) - They let you for restroom here so no worries.


5th step: After fingerprints you may be asked to Wait for your turn to be called and they take you up the escallator to the 21st floor. Again wait for your Token 


number and they will call your number and also flash the number on the screen. Here if you see your token number on screen and see 01 - for example (A018 - 01 => Here 


01 was for fingerprint counter downstairs so don't worry!) Only if your Token number with 03, 04, 05, 06 counters are shown on display (for example A018 - 05 => then 


its your turn for visa interview). 21st floor - only counters for interview are 03, 04, 05, 06.


Good luck! 


My Visa Exp: Window 5, Sep 2nd, 8:00 am Slot – interviewed around 9:00 am.


Questions asked are as below:




VO - Male young guy with glasses.


VO - How are you doing?

Me - I am doing good, thank you. How about yourself?

VO - Good. Thanks


Vo - What is your Job title? 

Me - Answered


VO - What is your relationship to (showing my wife and son)?

Me - Answered


VO - He again asked, What is your Job title? 

Me - I Answered again saying the same and he said sorry, I forgot.


VO - Can I please have your LCA, Paystubs?

Me - Gave them. He flipped couple pages and gave them back.


VO - Whats your highest degree?

Me - Masters in CS


VO - Which School did you attend in US and what is your Major?

Me - Answered


VO - Where do you work(city)?

Me - Answered


VO - Do you work at a End Client?

Me - Yes


VO - Name of the client?

Me - Answered


VO - kept the passports and DS160 confirmation along with I797 and he said your Visa is issued and you will get your passport in 3 -5 days. Gave me a green sheet with 


details about the consulate etc..

Me - Thanks and you have a good day! 


Came downstairs, collected my watch from security and took a cab back around 9:20 AM to the hotel.


check Passport Delivery Status: 


My status - Sep 2nd : around 2, 5, 9 PM - Admin processing.


Waiting for my passport. I will update, once I receive it. I met a couple people and they got their visas. I did not meet any one with Denied H1-Bs here.




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Hi bhagyeshrp,


I had interrviewd with the same guy with spets and a smile on his face. He was very cool and he asked exactly the same questions you mentioned above. My appointment was at 7:15 AM. But there was another VO at window 06. He was screwing up like anything. He issued 221g for the guy before me in the Queue. He screwed him like anything for more than 15 mins and finally issued 221g.

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hey i had my visa issues on Aug 28th in vancouver but I don't see any update on the website. The status here https://ceac.state.g...YzCYubaSQI RA== is issued. Let me know when u get a waybill number 


Hello amprab,


I had my stamping done yesterday and all day yesterday it showed Admin processing. Today around noon PDT it changed to issued. I am also waiting for the email from loomis so I can go pickup the passports. Check your spam folder to see if you received any thing. If you want to talk, please call 604 930 8510 - ask to connect for #321.




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I got an email from LOOMIS( @ 12:04 AM stating "Your passport has been picked up from the Consular Section and within the next few days you will be able to pick it up at address XXXX - that I chose during my interview in Richmond".


Your Waybill Number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
They provided a link to click to track my passport until it is ready for pickup!
Good luck and keep me posted on updates and I'll do the same.
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Hi bhagyeshrp,


I had interrviewd with the same guy with spets and a smile on his face. He was very cool and he asked exactly the same questions you mentioned above. My appointment was at 7:15 AM. But there was another VO at window 06. He was screwing up like anything. He issued 221g for the guy before me in the Queue. He screwed him like anything for more than 15 mins and finally issued 221g.

Hi Satya,


Tough luck for that guy! I'd say it all depends on what you answer and your paperwork that you carry and DS160 that you filled out should clear most of his questions. If he smells anything fishy there will be a Mary-go-round. I hope he gets his case cleared soon.



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Hi guys,


My appointment was also on Sep 2, 2014. I was asked the same questions as bhagyeshrp. In addition, I was also asked me annual salary by the same interviewer at floor 20 window 5. My status also started showing as Issued in the afternoon yesterday. No email from loomis yet. Expecting to receive it in the morning tomorrow.


For those not able to find an appointment date/time, you may want to try refreshing the appointment page after 12:00 pm PDT and you may find the next day availability as someone else may have cancelled it. Although the appointment date does not appear for long so one need to quickly book it as it shows up. My plan was to come to Vancouver and then try this but luckily I was able to get Sep 2 appointment on Aug 29 (my flight was already booked for the next day). I was able to find next day appointment every day for last couple of months so went by this plan.


At the US consulate, appointment time is not strictly followed. I went there at 8:30am for my 9:15am appointment but had some work at a nearby bank(coz I needed my passport at the bank so had to finish it before I surrendered my passport to embassy) so security lady at the consulate told me that as long as I come before 11:00 am, I could still enter and proceed for the interview process. I finished my work at bank and returned to embassy by 10:45am and had no issues. Its good to be there before time but for those who are afraid if they would miss the appointment if they are late by some time, no worries.


Good luck!





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For those who find trouble finding loomis officer, once you reach 5000 miller road address by GPS, Loomis office is on other side of the blocks as sown here :)



                                5000 Miller Road

    --------------------   --------------------

   | shops block 2 | | shops block 1 |

   |                        | |                        |

L |                        | |                        |

O|                        | |                        |



I  |

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