Where is the Demad data for July Visa bulletin???


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Generally demand data comes first and the Visa bulletin next but this time they escaped the demand data because of their prediction failure or what? I have some doubt on their abilities to predict anything. If everything electronically available to them then they might be able to predict with at least 50 to 70% confidence.

Or simply they forgot to post the demand data?

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Originally posted by avinS:

I do not think that they ever posted the deman data every month. I think they post the demand data every 4-5 months.

Do not think you are correct saying this. You may be thinking about VISA Inventory which is different. Demad data always posted on DOS website whereas VISA Inventory is posted on USCIS web.

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Or it is not there? Data may give hope until July 10, 2011 (next visa bulletin). I hope this (VISA Availability date) should keep moving. I would like to thank USCIS/DOS for the progress but not publishing the demand data for July 2011 is saddening me. Moving the Visa inventory report of June 2011 to some other place (not with other six reports) is a kind of motivation for looking if the Demand data is on somewhere.

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