Pay check salary is greater than salary on LCA


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Hello Experts,


I'm attending visa interview in Jamaica next week and have a question about Annual Salary. Has anyone of you who attended visa interview recently experienced this question?


Why is your salary on Paycheck/ w2 is greater than your LCA salary?


What is a good answer for this?



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No simply answer, he needs to tell the TRUTH.

I also don't believe in FALSE statements. I have seen so many people with more experience and based on performance getting paid more, so thought he might be in the same case. But I completely agree with you, that TRUTH should be an answer.

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My salary is also more than the LCA. I am going for stamping on dec, so I am little worried about this.


You guys have mentioned that tell the what is the truth here??

How do we know what's the truth is?

You tell us why you are getting more than what mentioned in LCA? Have you asked your employer about this??

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