H1 extension with I94 approved but CBP issued old expiry date during recent trip


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I recently got an I797 extension and a new I94 valid thru May 2017. I also have visa stamp that expires Dec 2014.


I travelled to Niagarafalls Canada(after I797 approval). When I returned, the CBP officer looked at my new I797 approval and let me in.


But when  I tried to retrieve my  I94 online, it shows that it expires this Dec (old I94 expiration date) with latest entry date.


Could you please let me know if this is ok?  Should I consider to leave the country and re-enter ?


Thank You.


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I have the Same Situation... 


If I go to CBP .. whats the possibility of getting it corrected? Is there a possibility they ask  to go out and reenter the country again... Currently My Wife is expected and in last stage of pregnancy.. so It will be difficult for me to go out and come in if they ask that..


Please advise

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