Storage facility near US consulate in Calgary (walking distance)


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I went to Calgary in July for H1b and H4 stamping. I had a young baby and we had a stroller. The consulate mentioned they don't allow over-sized stroller (which I didn't think I had) but they turned my stroller away. Being very desperate, we asked every building on the block and no one would take our stroller. After seeing our struggle, a kind woman gave us the card for a Hi Calgary City Centre hostel, 2 blocks away (about 5 minute walk) from the embassy. They took our stroller for CAD5 (or was it CAD10?) and locked it in a storage room where they keep all the backpacks and belongings of the hostelers. After we were done from the embassy, we presented our ID tag to them, they opened the room, got our stroller and we were on our way!


I was so excited! We had to come back to the embassy the next day and used the place again. So if any of you have children and its too difficult to wrestle them, just come 20 minutes early, drop off your stroller and then you only have to walk 5-10 minutes to the embassy. 


Its on 520 7th avenue S.E. 

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