RFE on I485 recieved by USCIS 60 days ago but not status update


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Dear Senior Experts,


I am completely puzzled with why I see no status update on my case. Here is a brief summary:


1) Filed GC under EB2 in Oct 2008 (PD)

2) Filed I485 in Jan 2012. Have not switched companies been working with the same company since 2004. Switched deprtments but within the normal career progression.

3) Received an RFE for Medical Exams and Employment verification and Employment History in June 2014.

4) Responded to the RFE on July 2, 2014. Status still showing RFE response review after 60 days. My application is under Texas Service Center. The website says it takes up to 60 days for USCIS to get back to me. I have yet not heard back.


I am completely puzzled as to what could be the reason for this delay? One of my friends with PD of Oct 13, 2008 in EB2 filed in Nebraska Service Center and he had his GC in hand on Aug 10, 2014. It is now Aug 30, 2014 and I have yet not received my GC nor see any update on the website.


I am getting a bit worried now. What do you think could be the hold up? What would you advice me to do?


Would be great if you can respond to my dilemma and put my mind to rest.



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