Successful H1-B Stamping @ Jamaica on Aug 25th


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Hello All,


Before reading further down, please remember 'Speak truth but only truth' inside the embassy. Helped me and I am sure it will help you as well. Just carry all the documents (literally everything) and everything will be fine.


Following was my experience with the Visa Interview (Aug 25) at Kingston Jamaica.


My interview was on Aug 25th, 9:00 AM. I was there at the Embassy at 7:30 AM in the line. 


**Do not carry any electronics, better yet just carry your documents folder, wallet**


The line outside the embassy would be usually long in the mornings(Stood in the line close to 30 mins), have your DS 160 confirmation, passport, i797, a passport photo ready when you approach the security near the door. They will staple your passport, i797 and the photo together and let you in for the security check. (Similar to security at any airport, except that you dont have to take off your shoes.)


 - Tip: To avoid annoying the Jamaican security officers, after your x-ray check collect your wallet, belt, etc from the tray and walk out and then wear your belt or any other wearables.


Once you are done with the above you would be directed to a waiting hall where you would be waiting with scores of other people in 3 long rows of chairs. (A Snack bar is available in case you are hungry) One row was being sent in at a time. Once inside, hand over the passport and mention your time of interview, they will attach a red slip at the back of your passport and a token number at the front of your passport. You will be asked to write your First Name and Last Name on the red slip which is stapled.


After the red slip, you will be sent outside again to wait for some more time. After roughly a wait of 20-30 minutes, we were sent in batches of 10-15 ppl at a time. Once inside the building you will be seated again to wait for your token number. As people clear their turns, you will take their seats/rows and keep moving forward. Once your token is called, walk to the counter and hand over the passport bundle. Here I was asked where I was staying and if I had a local telephone number I can be reached at. Also, I was asked to write the address of where I was staying and a phone number I can be reached at.


Then I was finger printed and sent to another counter for a second set of finger prints. This step clears all the pre-formalities of the Visa Interview. Queue for the Visa Interview begins now. Again, we were seated in rows of seats which moved forward as people cleared their turns, and then in a serpentine line of around 35 people which is after which you would walk to a Visa Officer for the interview. You will be directed to the VO by the agents there.


And, following was my encounter with the VO


Me: GM Officer

VO: Smiled, GM, How's it going?

Me: Great, yourself? Smiled and handed over the passport bundle to him.

VO: Opens up the i797, glanced at it and asked me for the latest W-2's

Me: Handed him the latest W-2

VO: Checked the employer on W-2 and i797 (I had a change of employer earlier this year), he asked why it was different?

Me: Replied him that I moved to a new company for a full time assignment.

VO: gave me back the W-2

VO: What Masters do you have?

Me: Masters in Science with Majors in XYZ

VO: What do you do in your company?

Me: I work as a Business Systems Analyst at XYZ company

VO: Ok, do you do programming?

Me: Quite a bit, 80% of my daily work is programming and another 20% involves in interactions with the business and some routine BA stuff..

VO: Whom do you consult for?

Me: Im a full time employee (This is where I was confused)

VO: I understand that but whom do you consult?

Me: Uhhh..Sir, I am not a consultant, I am a full time employee(This is where I was even more confused)

VO: No, I know you are a full time, but whom do you consult?

Me: (Now I understood what he was trying to get at) oh, I am really sorry, were you asking who my company's end customers are?

VO: (All smiles).. No its OK, I think I was asking you a question in a confusing way..Yes, who are your end customers

Me: Named quite a few

VO: OK Thanks,, Gave a red token (paper slip) with the date and time written on it for the visa to be picked up. 

Me: Thanks officer,, Have a great day and walk out all happies.


After coming out, walk directly to the gas station adacent to the embassy and call your ride


Go back a day after , this time it was afternoon (2:00 PM).. No long queues of people, show your token to the security, go through the security check (Guys, seriously no electronics at all, I by mistake carried a small torch which was attached to the room keys there and I was sent out, I went out detached the torch light and gave it to a hawker and came back in, the security (Jamaican) had to throw their tantrums and egos, they denied me entry that I was violating the rules and asked me to come back the next day to pick up the visa, I apologized and got back in)


Walk directly to the building where the Visa interview took place, write your name on the red token and hand it over to the agent there and they will call by name when your visa is printed. Check the visa for all the details and then proceed for exit.


As mentioned in other previous posts, Reid is the guy you can rely on. Call/Whatsapp Reid before you leave to Jamaica, he will be there to pick you up and drop you. He will also help you with paying guest accommodation as well. On your days of waiting or free time, he will organize some local tours as a group. 


Things not to miss for in Jamaica 


- Jerk Chicken

- Fish fry (Not great with steamed fish)

- Coconuts (Ask for chilled ones)

- Mangoes

- Bob Marley Museum


Hope everyone get their visas stamped successfully without any issues.


Good Luck to all!!






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HariK: Thanks for the information. Did you receive your stamped passport on Aug 26th or 27th? And also by what time did you come out of the consulate after picking up the passport in consulate. If we have return flight at 3:00 PM can we catch it after we pick up the passport?

Suddiv, I picked up my passport on Aug 27th at 2:00 PM. (Think that's the standard time to pick up the passport - 2:00 PM and a couple of days after your interview).


A couple of other folks who attended the interview along with me on 25th were however told to pick up the passport the next day ie., 26th, And another guy also requested the VO if he can pick the passport the next day, and he was told to check in the next day. (I assume he picked up the passport the next day of interview)


You cannot make it to the 3:00 PM flight the day you will be picking up the passport, as the passport issuance has no definite timing, I waited for 15 mins for my passport and some of them waited for 1 hour. So I wouldnt risk on catching the flight on the same day. 


Good Luck!

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