US Citizenship duration


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5/3 years depending on how he got GC These are the two minimun timeframes after u can apply

There are more times. E.g., it could even be no wait time at all, e.g., for refugees.

And the 5/3 years is not about how the person got the GC. This depends on marriage to a US citizen.

The OP needs to post more details, and do at least a little bit of homework.

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Yes thats what i meant 3 years if the applicant got gc after marriage 5 years on most of the other cases but i didnt know refugees can get right away


Hmm, no. How the applicant got the GC is irrelevant.

If the applicant got the GC through marriage and later divorced, it would still be 5 years. If the applicant got the GC through employment and marries a US citizen 1 year after getting the GC, it would be 4 years (3 years after the marriage.)

Hence, there is lots of variation. All of that is explained on the USCIS website.

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