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        Currently i am filling DS 160 for H1 B stamping interview at Mumbai & i am stuck at Previous and Present Work experience section. 



         I am working with employer X since last Feb 2012 till date however in July 2013 i went to India for 1 month & due to uncertainty of my return date Employer X revoked my petition but employer X refilled petition & it approved from 2nd week of august so i joined  X again. during these period i was out of status for 8 days ( h1 b was approved without i 94) so i want to mention that but not able to find particular section in ds 160 form.


            Also do i need to add employer X in both Past & present employment section due to above condition or Present employment section will suffice?



Lastly i went for stamping last year Mumbai & going for stamping again these year. my employer suggested me to appear for interview instead of Drop box which is OK to me. but while booking appointment it asked that do i qualify for drop box ? so should i say YES or NO here ? . even though i am eligible for drop box i don't want to opt it. so is it OK to say NO and what should i say to VO if he/she asked for the same. 



Thank You & sorry for long post. 

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