H1 Transfer with one paystub containing less working hours


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I am working with company 'A' but reacived good offer from company 'B'. Company 'B' filed my H1 transfer with only one pay-stub which showing half salary with half working hours e.g. if 2 weeks hours will be 80 but it is showing 40 hours billing.


will it create problem with H1B transfer?


One more thing during this time I have not resigned from 'A' and got one more very good offer from company 'C'. Now should I go ahead with H1 transfer with 'C' is it fine to do H1 transfer with it also?


Mean time next week I will get one pay-stub with full billing means for whole 2 weeks. Its safe to do H1 transfer with one paystub with full pay?


If company'B' got rejected or RFE because of paystub, will it affect my stay in USA?

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