Stamping @ Jamaica and other info all you want to know


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Stamping sucessfully done on Aug 18.


Questions asked at US embassy:


1. How many H1s before?

2. Previous I797 copy

3. MS University?

4. All I20s

5. W2

6. Job responsibilities.


Question at POE:


1. Is this you 1st H1?


Welcome back.


Other Info:


Place we stayed in Kingston:


Tarik, we contacted through airbnb. Charged $70 for 2 persons/night.


Safe place and a very good guy. You can trust him.


Wifi was good. The only problem was a drought going on in Jamaica so there was no water for us after 10.00 PM until 6.00 AM. This is not the case if you stay in a hotel.


He also provided us a guest cell phone for local usage.


Cab Driver Name:





Contact him. He is very friendly and realiable guy.


Also you don't have to depend on any cab drivers. There are two good cab companies


On TIme: 876-926-3866

City Guide: 876-758-2279


These guys are on time and charge $4 to almost all the places close by.


You can contact cab drivier lizzy to go see places around he charges very reasonable prices compared to other cab driviers.




Empire super market very close to embassy. Reasonlable prices.


Print outs:


There is one shop close to empire super market you can take you usb drive or use internet to take pint outs.




Express Laundromat, Lady Musgrave Rd

They charge around $20 for one time load.



1. Scotchie’s, great jerk joint and bar, located on Chelsea Avenue off of Half Way Tree road. Jerk

Chicken, Pork, Fish, Sausages and more

2. Cannon Ball Café – Just up the road at Loshusan Plaza

3. Island Grill, these are pretty much everywhere great Jamaican fast food Chain. Closest one is

New Kingston on Knutsford Blvd, but you can also find one in Half Way Tree and Cross Roasds

4. Mothers, another great Jamaican fast food, great patties

5. Tastees, another patty store plus other Jamaican food on Half Way Tree Road

6. Pita Grill is cheap and good quick food in Liguanea Orchid Village Plaza

7. Wing King is quick and good, Half Way Tree, Sovereign Centre Mall

8. Cuddy’s is a great sports bar at the New Kingston Shopping Centre, Dominica Drive of Knutsford


9. Pushpa’s is excellent Indian food and also Tamarind. They are very close to US embassy.

10. Earls Juice Garden is great vegetarian food

11. New Leaf is great vegetarian food in Lane Plaza in Liguanea

12. Starapples is a great sit down Jamaican restaurant, not too pricy.

13. If you want very nice (and pricey) check out restaurants at Market Place, Guilt Trip, Red Bones,

or Majestic (Japanese).

14. If you want great Sea Food check out Gloria’s (not too pricey, lobster is a steal) in Port Royal

(kinda far, but worth the trip)

Things to do in and around Kingston

1. Lime Caye

2. Castleton Gardens

3. Hike to Blue Mountain Peak

4. Culture Yard(The real Bob Marley Musuem)

5. Bob Marley Museum (the tourist trap)

6. Liberty Hall, Marcus Garvey’s Museum

7. The National Gallery

8. The Institute of Jamaica

9. Cinchona Gardens (amazing hike)

10. Fort Clarence Beach (great well kept beach with great fish)

11. Helshire Beach, right next to Fort Clarence, more popular, more people, less relaxing, very


Things to do in Nearby Portland

1. Blue Lagoon

2. Sommerset Falls

3. Reach Falls

4. Long Bay Beach

5. Boston Bay Beach and Boston Jerk

6. Frenchman’s Cove

7. San San Beach


Night Life - Don't walk ater 10.00 PM. Take only cabs.

1. Club Escape (Knutsford Blvd)

2. Quad Nightclub (New Kingston)

3. Fiction

4. The Deck

5. Club Riddim

6. Lime Light

7. Stone Love HQ on a Wednesday Night

8. Wicky Wacky (live music in bull bay one off events)

9. Jamnesia live amateur music, every other Saturday

10. “Seh Suppn Poetry” Village Café last Sunday of the month

11. Rev in Portmore

12. Bousie Tuesdays (Maxfield Avenue)


The other places worth visiting


Ocho Rios - must visit place


Stawberry hills


Blue mountains


Montego Bay



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