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I have got 6 h1bs in the past. and my i140 is approved. what is the chance of me getting one without a client letter?

Your I-140 approval has no effect on visa interview/H1B petition filing. So, better to carry a client letter or at least print out of an email from client that they do not issue client letter.

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Hello All, 

I am getting ready to apply for my H1B extension (2nd Extension) and the current client does not give client letters to EVC model contractors. Vendor is ready to give letter and Client Manager is ready to provide email saying client does not provide letters to contractors and have to get all documentation from vendor.


I am Going for Premium Processing. 
My question is 
1.What are the chances of getting approval with out client letter but with client email. 
2.Based on approved I-140 what are the chances of getting 3 yrs extension 
3.Is there a chance that the approval can be for 1 yr. 

First H1B from Oct 2009 to Sep 2012-36 Months Yrs - Included Client Letter
Second H1B From Oct 2012 to Jan 2015-28 Months - Included Client Letter
I140 approved in September 2012

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