Request for Evidence - Effect of Change of Address


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My priority date was current in July 2014 Visa bulletin. On USCIS website my status was still biometric update from 2012.


Nothing changed with my status on USCIS website nor did I receive any RFE until July first week, so I called USCIS on July 11 and opened a Service ticket, they asked me to wait 14 days to call back. On Jul 24th when I called them back about status of the Service ticket they mentioned that "an RFE for my case was sent on May 17, 2014 to my old address" and they said " A request has been made for a courtesy copy of the RFE to be re-mailed to my new address. You should receive the notice within 30 days". When I called USCIS they asked me to wait till Aug 25th and call them back.


I received another letter from USCIS on Aug 18th, which is dated Aug 8th, 2014 saying "As a courtesy, we will re-mail your RFE. Please allow 30 days for delivery. Now, does it mean I should wait till Sep 8th ?


I haven't received any RFE yet. Unfortunately I was not aware of this address issue, so didn't call USCIS immediately and waited till July so I can call and follow up. Did I wait too long contacting USCIS ?


My question is does USCIS give me more time, due to address issue or did I already run out of the 33-87 days response time, because Original RFE was sent on May 17th, which I never received due to address change.


Please provide your input, as I am confused about the situation.




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