F1 visa stamping issues


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Hi, All,


I'm a PhD in Pharmacy who graduated in Jan'14 and currently working in a Pharma company in Chicago. My OPT started in Feb'14 but my F1 visa expired as I could not renew it when I was doing my PhD. I have applied for H1B visa last April but my application was not picked and so I've to wait till next April for applying H1B visa. I'm planning to goto India for my marriage this December or January next year. I understand that I need to get a F1B visa stamping while coming back. 


So, my big question is what are the risks involved if I goto India and get the F1 visa stamping on OPT (in Pharmacy field)? What are the possibilities of a 221G being issued?


Can anyone please suggest any other alternative for going to India on OPT but F1 visa expired?

Note: I already got a 221G the first time I came to USA to do PhD in Pharmacy field.



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