EAD expiring and new job!!


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Hi Seniors. My current EAD card is expiring in 2 days and I am on the last stage of getting a new job. Our lawyer filed for a Renewal 90 days ago and I still haven't received the new card. Online status continues to show "Initial Review".

My concern is, this new company is going to run a background check and on seeing that my current EAD is expiring in 2 days, they may not offer me the job. I have the filing receipt notice in hand. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO EXPEDITE OR SOLVE THIS ISSUE?


Seniors, please help and guide me!!

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There have been reports of EAD delays recently. The USCIS National Customer Service Center can take Service Requests on delayed EADS. Since EADS are supposed to be issued within 90 days of filing, and there is no longer a way to get an interim EAD in the event of a delay, NCSC will (or is supposed to) take service requests once the EAD application has been pending for 75 days. That is intended to facilitate action by the 90 day point.

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