H4 Visa -Filling DS 160 form


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I am an H4 ..filling DS 160 and my husband is H1-B holder working in US.there is a question-Purpose of US trip .....i am unable to find any suitble options for H4 for me


Which option to choose from below

Foriegn Goverment official(A)

Temp Business Pleasure Visitor (B)

Alien in Transit ©

CNMI worker OR investor (CW/E2C)

Crewmember (D)

Treaty trader OR investor (E)

Academic or Language student (F)

Temporary worker (H)

Foreign Media Representaive (I)

Exchange visitor (J)

Fiance (E) OR spouse of US Citizen (K)

Intracompany Transferee (L)

Vocational /Non academic Student (M)


Nato Staff (NATO)

Alien with extra ordinary ability(O)

Internationaly recognized Alien (P)

Culturl exchnage visitor (Q)

Religious worker ®

Informant or witness ®

Victim of trafficking (T)

Nafta Professional (TD/TN)


Victim of Criminal activity (U)

Parole Beneficiuary (PArcis)


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