India Visit -Port of Entry issue

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I'm planning to go to INDIA because of family emergency but has few questions regarding VISA.


Currently i'm in OPT status expiring next year 2015 and at the same time H1B visa 2014 got approved and will start from Oct 1st 2014.





1.If I go to india this week and come back by sept 25th 2014 to US will there be any problems at Port of entry with OPT visa travel.

if the officer asked please provide the justification.what should i mention?.

2.Do i need to attend H1B visa stamping in india in september before coming to US.

3.My H1B visa states i'm currently employed with XXXX company FTE.Do i need to make my travel iternary TO and FRO from employer locations(MA state)?.


Thanks in advance for your advice.



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