Adding spouse to GC on F2A


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I have been a Permanent Resident since Feb 2012. I plan on getting married soon and my future wife is already in the US on an F1 visa. 


As I understand it, she will be added to my GC on F2A, and I will apply as soon as we have the marriage certificate in hand. I will consult a lawyer for that. 


My question is :are there any preliminary steps to follow before that? Or can we just show up at an immigration lawyer's office and give them the required papers? 


Also, can I do this on my own without a lawyer?



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You can do it without a lawyer, assuming you are generally good at filling government papers (I would still recommend a couple of paid consultations). Also, you are not "adding" your wife. You will be sponsoring her through I-130, and she will be filing her own I-485. Since your future wife in on F1, timing of her I-485 filing can be important relative to her entry to the US or F1 extension. This is something to get advice on from the lawyer.

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