485 what name to use -I 140 and Passport name has slight misspelling difference


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I am going file for I485, I have slight name difference in my I 140 e.g Ravindra Sharma in I 140 and Ravinder Sharma in Passport .


The name that is I 140 is what in my SSN and driver Licence which mean credit history is that name.


Passport name is Visa and I 94.


What name should I use. My company is suggesting to use what is in passport.

But I am afraid what will happen when they will try look USA history. Or when I will be called for finger printing as I will have my Licence name with one that is in  I140.


I have been USA for 8 years and never had issue with this name difference. Infact my 2 USA VISA are with Passport and 2 with what is in I 140.


Please suggest what will be the correct thing to do. 

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