31 days gap in H1 transfer.


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I was working full-time  with company 'A' and got terminated on pay stub ending 6th July 2014.

I found a small company 'B', a subcontractor, and they filed my H1B on 22nd July 2014 through regular process. here I have 15 days gap in pay stubs.

In the mean time I also got a Full-Time offer from a mid size product company 'C' and they filed my H1-B on 7th August 2014 through regular process. here I have 31 days gap in pay stubs.

Company 'A' filed for revocation on 22nd July and it got revoked on 12th August.


Now I want to join company 'C' as I liked it and I see more stability there but I am scared to join it as I have 31 days of gap in pay stubs and Company 'B' will not give me pay stub if I leave them that early.

Any suggestion on what might happen in H1B transfer with company 'C' if I join them?  

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