DUI/Arrest/Public Intoxication Kingston Jamaica.


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I have my H1B interview on Sep 9th. I have a public intoxication case on me on 08/08/2013. I have a court letter saying my case is dismissed. As per my understanding  I am assuming I will get a medical evaluation request from VO. I would like to get in touch with someone who went to Jamaica with the same Issue, cleared the Medical Evaluation and got the H1 B approved. All I want to know is the cost for Medical Evaluation, time to get this processed and steps Involved in it. Any tips or suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Hi Bro,


I have read your forum/message and realized that you had your H1 stamping in september. Hope it went well and came out with positive news. 

Lately, i had been arrested for DUI where, my case is still on pending which could get delay for a year or more to hear the final decision. So, i'm assuming if the case gets wrapped up within 6 months - i may go for h1b stamping / so could you please tell me what questions the VO had asked you on your DUI case and what was your answers on that. Also, it would be helpful if you could take some time and share your entire experience and valuable points to me.  

I'm really worried about my immigration issues that i will face in the mere future. Please help me by giving some suggestions and plans to face thing ahead. Yea - one more thing please tell me about the immigration checks you came across while returning to US. 

Hope you understand the mess my carrying. Thanks.

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