Green cards arrived today


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Here my story

Entered US on H1-B : July, 2007 (after a delay due to TAL check for 1 month @ Chennai)

H1-B renewed & re-stamped May-July, 2010 (again stuck with TAL check in Chennai for 40 days).

I-140 EB1-OR applied : Oct 26 2010

USCIS received date : Nov 12, 2010

USCIS approved : Nov 16 2010

Applied 485,765 & 131

USCIS Received Jan 27, 2011

Notice date Feb 17, 2011

Finger print done on March 24, 2011 (early walk-in)

Received email "Production of Card ordered" for the I-485 application April 18, 2011.

Approval notice April 20, 2010

Received GC on April 21, 2010

(A slight disappointed : My wife and daughter got RFE on their I485. Now waiting to see what they are)

I benefited a lot from this forum - during I-140 and I-485 stages. Thanks a lot gurus !. For all those waiting for GC : it is just the matter of time. Good luck !

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Originally posted by tkj1970:

Please share how were you able to file in EB1. what's the criteria

Get a PhD, be an outstanding researcher, be of immense use to this country and find a job that taps all that potential.

Alternatively, get dubious expericne and degree from a third world country, stay in EB3 and cry about EB2s and EB1s.

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to unc7uth:

The RFEs were for marriage certificate and birth certificate. The names are not in expanded form (with initials, very common in the state of Kerala).

to yogibear:

May be. But EB1 requires the alien to have significant numbers of peer reviewed papers, invited talks etc, editorial positions etc which are very hard to fake !.

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