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I need a bit of advise . My dad has to buy some property in India under my name . I need to give him power of attorney . Right now both me and my dad are in US . I need to give him power of attorney so that he can buy property under my name when he goes back to India after 2 months . I stay in Chicago . 


I went through general steps for power of attorney . 


1) Prepare statement/gpa on A4 paper .

2) Notarize.

3) Get the documents Appostile.

4) Have it attested in Indian Embessy .


My query is : 


1) Do I need to get the GPA  appostiled Also in order for the embassy to attest it ? I mean when we have all the original documents , my dad also physically present , and we are doing a walk-in into embassy for attestation then shouldn't just the notorized GPA should be enough for embessy to attest ??? Please help me . 

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Typically you will not need Step 4. The Apostille will be fine. When I gave a POA for a property transaction (in India) I did not get an attestation by the Indian embassy. The POA was registered though. Please check with a lawyer in India for the exact procedure now. (My transaction was about three years ago).

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Hi vs193928,


I am in same situation as you were. Did you get your POA in time?


I live in chicago and want to make Power to Attorney. Could you please help me to find out the draft for POA ? Did you use the general or special and where did you find that from ? How long the procedure took . What exactly is the procedure ?

Your reply would be a great help. it is better if you can reply at newyork.penstate at gmail . com


Thank you.

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