EAD for H4 - New Rule Dates


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This is regarding the proposed new rule to give EAD for few H4 persons.

When could this rule be published so that people can start applying?


Public comment period has ended around July 15th, 2014. Next step is USCIS reviewing the comments and then OMB review and then publishing.


Any suggestions or predictions on expected time frame? (approximately)


My wife's H1 ends November 2014, so I am thinking whether to apply for extension or convert it to H4 so that she can get EAD with this rule. I have I-140 approved.


Thank you

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Act according to current law.

Never put hope in something that is not signed by the President.

Always assume the worst, that it won't get enacted. If something gets enacted, you will have enough time to change plans then.

thanks for the reply...will go with H1 extension...

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Forget about the rule..its not going to happen. and should NOT happen!!!!

FYI....im one person who wrote comments for the rule saying its not good to get this rule...but after reading 100s of comments posted by others, it looked like im the only one that said this rule may not be good for job market..

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thanks man...what u said is true...

See, you need to understand one thing. All things being said during election are for votes. Rare cases they might try to do something but do not plan your life accordingly. As JoeF said just do what is applicable now and if things favor you later then go ahead.

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