Amended H4 approval notice not received - travel to india on I94


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My wife's H4 extension is approved and I am in receipt of the hard copy of the notice. However there was a typographical error on her first name. I raised customer service request with USCIS and got it corrected. USCIS sent the amended I 797 notice to my company. I am in receipt of only the soft copy of the amended notice. My company misplaced the amended notice and they are searching it now. Meantime, we are planning to travel India. Please clarify the below questions.

1. can my wife travel to US with the old notice ? While leaving US, at the port of entry, she needs to surrender the I 94 card, right. As she is not having the amended notice, can she give the I 94 card from the old notice. ( the I 94 number remains same in the old notice as well as the amended notice )

2. In the worst case, if I need to request USCIS for a duplicate copy of the amended I 797 notice, can she raise the request for duplicate copy while staying in India ?

3. Can we go for visa stamping at US consulate India with the duplicate copy of the amended notice ?




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