H1B/H4 renewal Stamping Matamoros August 2014


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Appointment details ASC - Aug 04 2014, CSC Aug 05 2015 10.30 AM.

Hired Mr Salvador to help with the Visa Service and stayed at Plaza Best Western Matamoros.


Drove from Houston to Brownsville.

Mr. Salvador picked up from the Hotel.

Gave early check in at 8.00 am on the day of ASC.

Drove us to the ASC.

Brought back to the Hotel from ASC.


Next Day Drove us to the consulate.

Drove back/forth from Hotel Consulate every day at 3.00 p.m.


H1/H4 visa approved by the cosulate.

H4 visa issued Wed Aug 06 3.00 p.m.

H1 visa stuck with Admin processing still not issued after the officer

approved - no clue why.


Came back to Brownsville Friday Aug 08 with only one visa H4 and no H1.

Ended up staying in matamoros five days.

Mr Salvador took care very well especially with two children.



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Sorry to hear that you didnt get H1b stamping. Can you tell me the following -


1. How did you manage to get into US if they didnt give you H1 stamping?

2. How easy is to get appointment. Once i fill DS 160 and do the payment $190, can I get appointment for next week or is their lag of 2-3 weeks?

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I used AP to return to US.

Appointments for matamoros seems to be very easy - you can get an appointment within days. Also after you make an appointment you can also reschedule 1 day before the ASC appoitment time. With your appointment confirmation they will indicate the deadlne date/time to reschedule.

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Consulate emailed me and asked me to bring my passport and they are ready to print h1 visa. Cool Heading back to matamoros soon.


All questions simple about the employments although i am a direct hire not a consulatant. Verified the I140 immigrant petion copy.


One weird question - When will you get  your Green Card ? Replied - My PD is 18 months away to be current ... Hopefully soon.


Immediately said - "Visa approved" come back 3.00 p.m.

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Can you please provide your contact information and email please..


I have some questions regarding how H1(myself) and my wife (h4) both want to go to stamping together in Jamaica ? 


how can we do this ? 


can you please tell us how to schedule and things .. 


I already filled my DS-160 and kept some date in Nov.. now was thinking wanted to take my wife also along.. 


How to proceed and what are the steps please.. 

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