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Hello All,
I am on J1 visa with 2 years home residence requirement. Recently I have started the procedure for a waiver. I obtained 3 NORI certificates and affidavit from the Indian Consulate. I sent these documents to India to my relatives.
I have few questions:
1) Apart from the NORI certificate and the affidavit are there any other documents that I need to send? e.g. copies of passport, degree certificates, DS2019, resume & 
cover letter.
2) Though the NORI/Affidavit is attested by Embassy, still do we need to notarized these documents?
3) Should I fill the DS-3035 before getting the NOC from Indian authorities?

Thanks in advance

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Is this the correct address to submit the NORI to the Home Department of Maharashtra?

Home Department, Government of Maharashtra,

9th floor, New Administrative Building,

OppMantralaya, Mumbai – 400032


Yes that is correct; please address it to Principal Secretary - Special (Home department),Home Department, Government of Maharashtra,9th floor, New Administrative Building,OppMantralaya, Mumbai – 400032

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