Applying for Canada Visa for geting my USA H1B stamped


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Hi all,


I am currently a student in F1 Visa but work (intern) through my employer which is a consulting firm. I got my H1b approved recently. So I am planning to go to Canada for stamping.

In doing so can anyone of you suggest that what documents I have to submit for applying Canada Visa in my case.

Like Employer reference letter ? Or do I have to provide some documents from my university as well?

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go to and create mycic account. eventually it will ask you to upload all type of documents; as many as you can give thats better,mostly same as h1 documents, you will need ecopy of all your documents employer letter, current pay stub, i20,opt cards, ssn copy, current visa status copy, previous visa status copy, passport, bank documents along with canada visa forms. you will have to join ds 160 form as well to show that you have planned certain appointment at the embassy;  air ticket (please book refundable if not sure when exactly you are going). ds160 is just first step of visa stamping process so you can just fill it and that should work, in case you cancel you can withdraw your ds 160, its not complicated, good luck !

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