2nd H1B stamping in Tijuana, Mexico


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Hi everyone, 


I had a few questions about getting a new H1B stamp on my passport. My previous H1 stamp is valid till the 4th of Sept 2014, but I am working for a new company on an approved H1 (have the I797 with me) that is valid till 2015. I was thinking of going to Tijuana to get the new H1 stamped. My questions are:


1. I can't see any recent experiences for the same purpose on this forum, so can anyone shed a light on that?

2. I've read about the process, just wanted to check if that is still valid:


Step 1: DS-160:  

Step 2: Pay online fee:  http://usvisa-info.com/en-MX/selfservice/new_account

Step 3: Make appointment online:  http://usvisa-info.com/en-MX/selfservice/new_account  or call at 703-439-2310

3. If for some reason my H1B stamp is denied (not likely, I work for a reputed company in the Bay area), I won't have a problem coming back into the US as long as its before the 4th of September, right?
Any recent experiences with this process and/or posts detailing the process will be appreciated!
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