Checklist for EB1-a self petition

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I am almost ready to submit I-140 application under EB1-a category(self petitioning).

Here is what i have in my package:

1. I-140 Application (signed)

2. ETA 750b (not taking chances)

3. Check for I-140

4. I-140 Petition Letter.

5. Reference Letters 8(including international and independent)

6. Copies of my publications

7. List of citations

8. Copies of my Degrees

9. Copies of my Awards

10. Copies of my Media publications

11. Copies of my abstracts for talks/presentations

12. Copy of previously approved I-140(Eb2), Passport, I-94s, I-797s

13. my work plan in US.

Do i have provide the following?

1. My Birth Certificate.

2. My pay slips

3. Copies of my spouse passport, I-797s, I-94s, Birth Certificate

Also I am confused with cover letter and petition letter.If i have to provide cover letter along with petition letter what I am suppose to write in it and how many page should it be? My Petition letter is already over 25 pages.

What else am i missing for the package? Ideas are welcome from approved applicants..

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