URGENT: SOS - Travel 8/8 to 8/30 (passport expires 9/14)


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Friends @ Murthy;


My wife and kids (10 & 5) are travelling to India on 8/8/14 and will be returning on 8/30/14. 


My elder daughter's U.S. Passport expires on 9/14/14. My younger's passport expires on 10/22/14. My Wife's passport is valid till 2021.


The travel route is US - Munich - Mumbai - Hyd (roundtrip). Will my wife or kids have any travel issues due to the passport expiry dates (mentioned above).


1. Can they travel on 8/8/14 with out issues?

2. Will the U.S. passports be required to be renewed while in India and an American Consulate? 

3. Can they (kids) travel back on their existing Passports without the need for renewal as the expiry dates are not until 2 weeks after they arrive into U.S.?


Request your quick response. Thanks a bunch.




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