CCD performance issue


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Hi All


I have appointment on Aug 11th in vancouver..


Because of this CCD performance issue i am not sure whether to go ahead or not as i have only one week vacation.


Is it okay to go Jamaica as i heard this issue is only in canada? Is this right? 


can someone please please reply will be very helpful ...


Thanks in advance.

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Hi isnmurthy,


I had my interview in Jamaica on July 30th(Wed). Got my passport back on Tuesday(Aug 5th). Since Firday was a public holiday in Jamaica, my passport was given back after two working days.


All the applicants( around 20 H1B's) who attended on Monday(Aug 4th) got their passports back on Tuesday(Aug 5th).

Visa Officers are giving importance to H1B's to issue the Passports back soon.


Good Luck!!!



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