H1 B stamping India Successful on august 5th 2014


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I went for H1 B stamping today at hyderabad, India. I got stamped successfully. Here is some useful information for those who might be thinking to go to stamping in INDIA. 


I am working for AMGEN and it is a home based position with one layer of vendor in between. 


The questions asked are:


Q. What is the purpose of visit to USA?

Q. What is your project role?

Q. Explain your responsibilities?

Q. What is your pay?

Q. Where do you live?

Q. What does your employer do?


Hope this info is useful to someone. Stay cool and answer the questions honestly.


All the best!!



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Did you get your visa and passport back? How any days it took? I heard that there are unlimited days of delay because of the database issue.


Please let me know. I have an appointment schedule on Ag 18th. But my attorney says, it is not safe to got for stamping now as there are chances of getting the process delayed.




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Congrats Sowmya,


I'm also planning at Hyderabad, do you know any available dates in October and what is home based position.



i think he is making formulation for amgen from home , wondering he can also make same in india why to go to usa . h1b visa worker definition is broadened it seems. 

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