Moving back to US with previously approved I140


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I have approved I140 in 2010 from company A and then joined company B  in 2011 with approved I140 and H1b approved for 3 years. I moved back to India in 2012 due to personal reasons and company B didn’t start my GC process when I left  and looks like my I140 wasn’t revoked  from company A. And yeah, i was on 7th year of H1b when  i left US. I have been in India close to 2 years now. I want to move back to USA. Did any one have similar situation? Does any one have any idea what options I have?


Appreciate your information.




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Having an approved I-140 does not give any immigration status, the options you have would be the same as anyone wanting to come to US. 


If for Job, then H/L or other work visa, if for visit B visa.


Or If an employer is willing to file GC for you then you can capture the PD from your approved I-140 and then once that PD is current then file for CP and then come to US on GC.

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