H1B transfer to new employer while another transfer is pending


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Hi All,


I am hoping to find some answer to my situation.

Till recently, I was working with Company A and got a better offer from Company B. I took the offer and joined Company B after the  Company B filed the H1B transfer request with USCIS (joined based on the receipt notice). The transfer to Company B is currently held up due to RFE. The Company B is delaying to file the response to this RFE. I am worried as the response might not be filed on time before the "respond by date" (on the RFE notice). However company B has been generating my paystubs all this while with out any issue ( I already have 3 paystubs from them).

In the mean time, I have another offer from Company C who seems to be professional in handling such situations. I am very much interested in this offer from Company C.


Now my question is,

1. Can company C file my transfer, even before I get any response for the transfer filed by Company B.

2. If yes, what documentation should I produce to Company C.

3. Is there any issue that you foresee in moving to Company C at this stage.




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Thanks a lot for your quick response.


I would need your inputs on couple of other scenario related to this issue.


I have my I-94 valid till the end of January 2014. In the mean time if I get another the Company C petition approved, I should be fine. Please confirm on this.


Also as said, I am currently employed with Company B. Will this be a problem for me in future in case the company B petition is not approved (before moving Company C or any time).




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