EB3 Current From May 2011 VB


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Hi there,

Is there any one waiting for same as mine, i am on EB3 March 18 2002 PD, but so far there is no updates on my case, just raised a workorder or casework for local congress man, is there any helpful tips you can provide.

I got RFV on August 2009 and moving to new Job with AC21 and then submitted RFV, now online case shows RFV received and it is in review since then.

Any suggestions or throw any light. So that will follow you.

Appreciated in advance.

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Posted bit long ago, but there was no response. Can you please suggest me or guide me what is my next step, is there are any one or more on the same boat as of mine,

PD - EB3 INDIA March 18 2002 Current From April.

RFE - On 2009, submitted as requested.,

Raised SR - May 2011.

Contacted Local Congress Man about the same.

DO let me know any info you guys can provide, appreciated your suggestions.

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Well .....the dates shown in the visa bulletin may not reflect the actual senario, but even if it is....... every case is different. I am also in the same boat. My PD is December 2001 and it is current since August 2010.

I would say .... just keep following it up.... you never know when and what you will get.....you may get soon.....


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thanks SV, I am very surprised with my case, if I am in EB2 instead EB3, i might be citizen by now. Anyways for every thing there is a way, so I am happy so far, we never know, what might happens next. God Grace, expecting all and every one in this forums be happy and HOPE FOR THE BEST. I love this words, because other than that words I can't do any thing. So So SO So ..... Not Sure What To Do.

Appreciated your input.

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Yes, that's the key .... "Be happy". I am sure you are on the way to get GC. Hopefully soon.

I called the USCIS today - and got the answer that my file is with an officer for adjudication and I will hear something in next 45 days.

Well ..... I got a similar reply in the past too but this time it was 45 days and not 60 days.

By the way -- what was the RFE you got in the past? -- was it regarding your I-485?


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Hi There

My PD current from April 2011 VB right, but when I spoke with USCIS rep, she is saying your processing dates are outside the current process, then I asked what it means, she ask me when did you apply, I did apply on Aug 17 2007 and Receipt Date on October 12 2007.

Need suggestions this case INDIA EB3 PD March 18 2002.

Is there any relation between PD current and Application submitted date, TSC current processing Sep 2007.

Please let me know any suggetions.

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Hi Nehaneha,

Well ....... it means that your Priority date has been current for quite some time now ( more than 60 days I believe ).....I hope you should see a decision soon.

FYI .. I got my I-485 approval email today :-).



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Great SR raised, but it is already 26 days passed, yester I called USCIS, and requested to talk to 2nd level support, I did speak with officer, he suggested that don't raise any SR, keep on calling or rasing SR will make your case changing different hands on it, and it makes you deplay the case. So wait full 30 to 45 days as stated in the SR and some will respond you.

And got resoponse from the LOCAL REP, your finger prining will be requesting you in 1 to 3 weeks,.

Waiting for your response,.

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Well ... biometric information gets expired after some time and do they request us to go for one more time. This is usually a case for long pending cases.

So ... you are already one step ahead now.... after finger printing ... next step will be "to wait again" ... But this time... it will be much less than previous instances..... so ... be ready and GoodLuck.


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