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Hi - I am planning to check the possibility for porting myGC from EB3 to EB2 category. I have given my details below

I completed my B.Tech Chemical Engineering in May 2000 in India.

I got into IT industry by Nov 2000

I moved multiple companies and joined Company A in Nov 2004 in India.

I traveled to US through Company A by Feb 2006.

Company A filed my LC in 2008 under EB-3 as I didn't had 5 years’ experience before joining Company A

My I-140 was approved in Jan 2009 under EB-3 category

I was in USA till May 2012 with Company A

Moved back to India and quit Company A in Aug 2012

Joined Company B in India on Aug 2012

Came to USA in May 2014 on L1-A through Company B

My I-140 is still active through Company A

Planning to quit Company B and join Company A through change of status using my I-140 approval


Now I have 14 years of experience while joining Company A. I am joining Company A 3 levels above my level when my LC was filed. My salary also has increased significantly because of 3 promotions. Am I eligible for porting my EB3 to EB3 though Company A?

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What does the Job Require you to have ? Please pick one of the options below.


1) Required PhD degree in related field

2) Required Masters degree in related field

3) Required Bachelors degree in related field


Note: If the requirement says "Optional" for any of the degrees then it will NOT qualify as the minimum requirement for the job.

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It is EB3 if the job req says only Bachelors required in related field.


It is EB2 if the job req says Bachelors plus 5 years of progressive expressive experience before joining the sponsoring employer.


There are literally couple of hundred posts in this same forum asking the same question. Please check their answers too,


Always.. an attorney should be the final person you should be believing. If you dont trust your company attorney, then contact Murthy firm for independent review of your application.


I am just a software engineer typing few lines. I may or may not be correct.

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